LIVE at HEART  – one of Scandinavia’s largest music events with more than 300 concerts. The festival takes place in the heart of Örebro, August 31 to September 3. See you at the East West Scene, September 1, 20:00.


Mike Granditsky will give a LIVE streamed performance at today (29 June). Stay tuned at 20.00 – 21.00 (Swedish time).

Dark Matter and In Search of the European will be released as a double A-side single on June 29th. Check out on Spotify, iTunes …

MG2 gets 9 out of 10! Read Robert Ryttmans tribute to Mike Granditskys second album in Zero Magazine >>


Mike Granditsky and his band will play at the classic Peace & Love festival (since 1999) in Borlänge. The festival runs July 7 to 9 and Mike Granditsky will play live on July 9.

MG2 (album) Out now!

Mike Granditsky’s second solo album MG2
is produced and co-written by David Lindh from Swedish indie legends Yvonne, and Granditsky’s songs have never sounded quite as grand as this before. The protruding bassline of the opening track “Speed Street” sets the tone for an album that seems to try to catch the atmosphere of The City in a suite of nine strong songs. Titles like “Glamourama”, “Subterreanean City”, “The Nightslider” and “In Search of the European” can be interpreted as a preoccupation/fascination with urban life in Europe, lyrically combined with soundscapes verging on the epic.

In his music Mike Granditsky remains true to where the heart is in his own: post European Music, also touching the sharp edges of noise music. He has never intended to stay locked up in shackles that calls for specific haircuts, one set of instruments and narrow influences. He embrace whatever comes in his way, and has continuously allowed diverse elements to trickle into his music. Mike Granditsky released his first solo album MG in 2012.


In the mood for A Clockwork Orange – ”Speed Street” video filmed on a classic London location!

The video “Speed Street” is directed by Amir Chamdin and features the Swedish artist and his band filmed on location in the southern underpass between Trinity Road and Swandon Way, in the sinister subway: Trinity Road, Wandsworth – the site of the ultraviolent first scene in Stanley Kubriks classic movie “A Clockwork Orange”.

Amir Chamdin has been one of the front figures in the Swedish hip hop group Infinte Mass since their formation in 1991; but nowadays, he is more focused on his work as a director and has directed feature films, commercials and music videos. His feature film debut ”God Willing” starred The Cardigans singer Nina Persson and in his latest film ”Cornelis” (about the life of the late Swedish music legend Cornelis Vreeswjk) Mike Granditsky played the role of a drug dealer.